Bodegas Ibaiondo Medio siglo de producción artesanal

Bodegas Ibaiondo inherited the wine culture of La Rioja at the initiative of its founder, Don Miguel Atucha, an enthusiast of tradition who decided to go for the best plots to be able to give life to a select, finely-crafted wine. The first bottles were produced between 1979 and 1981 with a selection from local producers. This was when the brands Viña Artagan, Soto de Artagan and Señorío de Artagan first appeared under the winery’s name at the time, Bodega Miguel Atucha. It had a limited production to supply the chain of 11 hotels owned by the family.

In 1981, the winery arrived at its first turning point and started using grapes from its own vineyards, giving the land a crucial role and changing its name to Bodegas Ibaiondo —by the riverside in Basque— as a sign of gratitude. The family continues to give life to a wine cellar with the best of tradition and the latest trends.

Today the winery keeps alive its commitment to the land, wine culture and quality craftsmanship. Third generation of the family joined the management team to open the Bodegas Ibaiondo experience to the world and distribute it abroad. Bodegas Ibaiondo continues to be by the riverside, opening the unique experience of its wines to the world.